Quality Assurance

Poly Blow has implemented various policies and procedures along with using the most advance testing equipment platforms available today.

Our production undergoes rigorous testing, using leading edge technology in order to maintain the highest levels of quality. We use a series of quality management procedures that outline specified rules and regulations in order to ensure Poly Blow continuously provides products that meet customer expectations. We have a dedicated team of Quality Control Managers that provide 24-hour supervision on production to make certain that Poly Blow delivers high quality products.

We take corrective and preventative actions, whereby we continue to make improvements in our company’s processes to eradicate any defects. QA inspections are undertaken every two hours using various leading edge testing equipment instruments such as:

Vision Bottle Gauge

  • Provides an efficient way to measure the dimensions of a bottle, which include: T-Dimensions, H-Dimensions, S-Dimensions, overall height and width. This tool allows for increased accuracy as it diminishes any human error that may be encountered when measuring using actual calipers.

Agro TopWave

  • Used to measure top load and volume.

Leak and Drop Tests

  • Leak Tests – bottles are filled with water and pressure is applied in order to inspect for any leaks.
  • Drop Tests – bottles are dropped from a specified height observing to see if the bottle is able to maintain its composure.