About us

Our History

Since our inception in 1994, Poly Blow Moulding Inc. has been manufacturing custom quality plastic products for customers all across North America. The President, Gurdip Cheema alongside the Vice-President, Amarjit Cheema both encompass a substantial amount of skills and knowledge that have driven this privately held company to grow dynamically over the years, which has further enhanced our presence within the packaging industry as a leading manufacturer of custom quality plastic products. Poly Blow takes pride in their premises and in their track record of manufacturing quality plastic products for a variety of customers, by providing clients with nothing but excellence and results that exceed all expectations. We exert all our resources and provide an enthusiastic approach towards all our projects.

Both Gurdip and Amarjit Cheema are proactively involved in various dimensions of the business in order to ensure that Poly Blow continues to strive towards delivering high quality products while remaining highly responsive with regards to the needs of customers. Both Gurdip and Amarjit have been involved in the plastic manufacturing industry for over 30 years. Their high level of expertise has led them to create a corporate culture; emphasizing high quality products, exceptionally responsive service, and a result-oriented environment. We are equipped with an outstanding team of competent employees, who continuously exceed all expectations to ensure that the customer’s needs are being met. We make certain to deliver the customer’s products to the market in a timely fashion by adopting effective and efficient strategies within our procedures to provide increased speed-to-market.

Poly Blow offers all the technical services required to develop a packaging concept into a functional and cost-effective package for your products. Our state-of-the-art facilities with leading edge technology run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that we are maximizing our production. In addition to providing high quality custom products, we have several stock moulds, which we continue to add to as the market dictates. We have a reputable company and strive for nothing but excellence.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision:

To provide innovative, competitive and high quality custom packaging solutions in compliance to customer’s needs while delivering increased speed-to-market.


Poly Blow’s commitments with regards to achieving its vision is supported by an integral framework that encompasses a cost position approach for increased competitiveness, distinctive quality practices, and continuous delivery of operational excellence.

Cost Position

  • Leveraging our scale in order to obtain optimal cost positions in our markets served.

Distinctive Quality

  • Our company strives on product and service quality, with a corporate culture that recognizes the importance of quality to further set us apart from our competitors.

Operational Excellence

  • We believe in achieving world-class performance, through continuous improvement within our organization by focusing on customer needs. Poly Blow achieves operational excellence by efficiently utilizing our tools and resources, and eliminating any production waste/inefficiencies.

Our Core Values focus on:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Compliance to Customer Requests

Our Community

Poly Blow continues to remain proactive in giving back to the community in which it lives and works. We believe in investing in more than just our products, providing support through donations and sponsorships for local organizations such as schools, hospitals and sporting clubs.